Development and main uses of silica gel materials

时间: 2019-01-18

Silica gel is polysiloxane rubber, polysiloxane used to be named silicone, the main chain structure is Si-O-Si structure, silicon atoms are connected by oxygen atoms, and at least one organic group. In 1940, Dr. Eugene RoChow made a great breakthrough in the research and development of technology. He was the first elemental polymer applied in the industrial field. It was widely used and developed because of its green environmental protection characteristics.


Main Chain Structure of Polysiloxane

Since 1945, thermal vulcanized dimethyl silica gel has been effectively popularized. It is mainly made up of polydimethylsiloxane raw rubber with reinforcing agent and vulcanizing agent, and cured to high performance elastic silica gel at corresponding pressure and temperature. Later, room temperature vulcanized silica gel and additive liquid silica gel catalyzed by Platinum system oxygen-silica reaction have been developed. Polysiloxane is between inorganic and organic polymers, so it has both excellent properties. Because of its special molecular structure, it has good insulation, high and low temperature resistance, fire retardant, antistatic, tear resistance and physiological inertia. Since 1960, our country has been successfully developed, which has been widely used in electrical, food, medical and health, automotive, electronic and other fields. It can produce cables, sealing rings, baby supplies, toys, medical organs, protective and therapeutic devices and other products.

Applications of Silica Gel

Because of its excellent stability, silica gel is being used in more industrial and green environmental protection fields. We will continue to develop and modify silica gel in the direction of high compounding and high performance, and make great achievements.

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